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Why Choose Us?

6 factors that make us the best option for your plumbing and gas fitting needs.


At Dean & Son, we promise that you will always get our best, all day, every day. Many of our customers have contracted us for dozens of years, and it’s because we focus on both quality and customer service. We are here for our customers.


We are blessed to have such loyal employees, all of our plumbers have been with us for over ten years. We don’t curb on experience, our plumbers are the best in the business.


It’s not about how much you can get out of a customer; it’s about how satisfied you leave a customer. Many times, we have left a job site after recommending something that didn’t cost the customer a penny. If you have a legitimate plumbing issue, we will let you know. If you don’t, we will let you know that as well. Honesty and integrity goes a long way.


Whether you are a new construction builder, a remodeler, we have the experience and capabilities to handle your job. If you are a commercial builder, we are experienced with small projects and large projects. We also have experience with complex projects as well. Our customers expect three things: Do the job right, on time, and provide service afterwards.


We have been servicing our customers in Huntsville and North Alabama since 1963. Many of our customers have been with us for dozens of years, or since we started the business.  Feel free to ask around about us.


We maintain great relationships with all of our employees, and we would trust them to be in our homes or business without hesitation. We have a no tolerance policy for employee conduct, and we conduct drug and alcohol tests and background checks on employees.


You'll be glad you did.

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